Cats and Dogs

by Collin Miller and Elena Allred

Cats: Cats are clearly superior to dogs for many reasons. First of all, cats are much easier to raise than dogs. Dogs need to be walked and let out to go to the bathroom all the time, which can be very difficult for owners that travel a lot or live in big cities. Cats, however, go to the bathroom in a box, it is best to leave them inside. Secondly, it costs much less to own a small cat than a medium to large sized dog, which makes them ideal pets for all people. In addition to being perfect pets, cats are also very successful in the wild. Lions, tigers, bobcats, and many other species are at the top of their food chains and any big cat would probably beat a dog in a fight (just saying!) If you go back all the way to the ancient Egyptians, they worshiped cats like gods and you can find cats painted all over ancient artifacts and tombs. In the past, present, and future, cats will always remain better than dogs.

Dogs: I believe that dogs are vastly superior to cats. Researchers studied the cortical neurons in the brains of cats and dogs, along with other animals. It is believed by researchers that the number of cortical neurons determines how intelligent an animal is. Cats have been found to have significantly less cortical neurons than dogs, thus proving the point that dogs are mentally superior. I also believe that dogs are physically superior to cats. While domestic cat’s size spectrum is quite slim, dogs can range from Chihuahua size to Great Dane size, not only showing their physical superiority, but also giving a person more to choose from depending on living conditions, financial situation, etc. A dog has also been shown to be capable of higher levels of emotion and sympathy. They can even recognize when a human is sick or even close to having a heart attack, seizure, etc. Not only do they make for better companions, but they can make for a pretty good life saver.


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