Interview With the Leads

By Anastasia Rea

This year’s Acting Out production is Beauty and the Beast. It’s an amazing production with all the music, dance, and costumes. We asked Ella Douglas (Belle), Zane Gerlach (Beast), and Luke Gnepper (Gaston) their thoughts on the play.

How did you get into acting?

Luke- My brother was an actor and sang a lot, so he got me into singing and when I was able to act I did. (I even tried out for a girl part in first grade)

Zane- My mom was a theatre major in college and that made me want to audition for Oliver. I almost immediately fell in love with the whole process.

Ella- My mom made me try out for The Sound of Music in first grade and I fell in love with the atmosphere of theatre.

What draws you to this character?

Luke- He is comedic and full of himself, and he just is the best character in my opinion because of that. He also is the big man who everyone adores and I think that’s cool that I can play him

Ella- She is a smart, confident, and beautiful young women.  I have always looked up to her as women empowerment and a brave influence for all girls.

Zane- What really draws me to the beast is the mystery behind him and I find his story very interesting/

What is your favorite song in Beauty and the Beast?

Luke -Evermore sang by the beast (not in junior)

Ella- Home by Belle.

Zane- The mob song

If you could be a different character who would you pick?

Luke-Lumiere just because like Gaston I can play with him

Ella- Babbete

Zane- Gaston

What is your favorite thing about Mr. Broadway as a director?

Luke- He gets a little crazy during blocking and its funny to me, and he looks at things different from anyone else

Ella- He is a very funny person and he always makes me laugh.

Zane- He really cares about the cast and the process of creating a show.

What is your favorite thing about Beauty and the Beast?

Luke-Ummm it’s kinda weird but I love how the beast looks in the live action version, so…..yeah, but it’s also a good story that everyone should learn (to not judge by appearances or by a single story)

Ella- I love the lesson that it teaches you and all the different characters involved.

Zane- My favorite thing about the show is definitely the story and the character development of the beast

Anything else you’d like to add?

Luke- Come to see the show February 8-10 and do the plays because they are a great experience that everyone should try it at least once.

Ella- it is a very fun experience and it is going to be a great show.

Zane- Come to the show February 8-10 it’s going to be a good one.

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