October Restaurant of the Month- Sakura’s

By: Catherine Rhegness

Sakura’s is the October restaurant of the month. This Japanese steak and seafood restaurant was founded by Marc Ha. Marc in a small town in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Japanese food is supposed to be healthy, fresh, and low fat. Sakura’s has over twenty locations in the U.S. and is spreading Japanese culture across the states.

When you first arrive you are provided a clear mushroom soup warm and fresh. The broth in the soup adds a hot taste and the mushrooms add more flavor and filling. Along with the soup, you get a cool, crisp ginger house salad. This salad cools your mouth down from the warmth of the soup and has a ginger kick to it. You can order a hibachi meal, which they will cook on a grill in front of you or a meal off the menu that is prepared in the kitchen. The options to eat on the hibachi grill are chicken, salmon, sirloin, tuna, shrimp, tilapia, sea scallop, lobster, and a vegetarian meal. You can also order the one pounder, which means you can order two of these options for a discounted price. On the kitchen menu, you can order a tofu or vegetable teriyaki, vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki, chicken katsu, tonkatsu, assorted tempura, beef teriyaki, salmon teriyaki, and shrimp tempura.

Your chef will entertain you with a fun show while cooking your meal. This show will start off by throwing their knives and will also toss a slice of zucchini to you and you have to try and catch it in your mouth. Next, they will start cooking your meal hibachi style. When they first start the grill, there’s a big fire heating up the area. Once the fire goes out, they will start cooking your meal. Once they are done, you can taste the freshness of your food, as it was just cooked in front of you. I highly recommend the hibachi chicken and sirloin. Sakura’s created an experience to remember and cooked some of the best food I’ve had in my life.


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