Quick Facts with Collin October

By: Collin Miller

Quick facts with Collin 1: Contrary to popular belief, the AR, in Ar-15, doesn’t stand for Assault Rifle but instead is an abbreviation for Armalite, the company that produces them.

Quick facts with Collin 2: The world’s biggest ball of twine is located in Cawker City, Kansas, and is 5,000 pounds and stands 8 feet wide. The ball of twine weighs more than a Black Rhinoceros.

Quick facts with Collin 3: In 1997, Saddam Hussein commissioned a Quran to be written in his own blood. To prevent him from dying of blood loss, it had to be made over a long period of time. After he fell from power, no one knew what to do with it, since it’s forbidden to write a Quran in blood, but also forbidden to destroy a Qur’an.

Quick Facts with Collin 4: A 70-year-old man robbed a Kansas City bank, instead of fleeing he sat in the lobby and waited for the authorities to arrive. He said he’d rather live in jail than with his wife. He was sentenced to home confinement. 

Quick Facts with Collin 5: There are 200 million insects for each person on the planet, that’s more than 300 pounds of insects for every 1 pound of human.

Which fact surprised you the most?

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