Superstitions – Writing’s on the Ball Superstitions in Sports

By Catherine Rhegness

It is very common for a professional athlete to have crazy superstitions before they play. Such as the 23 gram slam title winner Serena Williams. Serena has to tie her shoelaces a certain way, bring her shower sandals onto the court, bounce the tennis ball five times for her first serve and twice for her second.

Tennis legend, Rafael Nadal, also has many superstitions. He always has to cross the baseline with his right foot and waits for the other player to cross during changeovers then crosses the sideline with his right foot.

One of the strangest superstitions is created by the basketball star, Mike Bibby. Mike has to clip his fingernails during timeouts. Larry Walker, a retired right fielder, has many strange superstitions involving the number three. His jersey number was “33”, got married to his wife on November 3rd at 3:33 P.M., took practice swings in multiples of threes, and set his alarm for 33 past past the hour.

Children athletes also have superstitions. Ali Sediqe has lucky socks that he wears to every soccer game. Soccer star, Annika Padhye, picks a four leaf clover before every game. Another student with superstitions is Owen Krupp. He always has to chew gum. Karsten Huber has a couple different superstitions. Karsten thinks about how he can be a team player and think of a variety of hockey plays.

Michael Lin says he prefers a morale talk before a chess match to get him excited and into the game. Sporty, Sami Lorenzen, gets nervous before a game. Hockey player, Caelan Rea, dresses differently than his teammates and puts his hockey pads on differently. Student athlete, Emma Hsu, does team chants before a game.

Karate master, Andrew Sturtz, stretches and warms up before a karate match. Football player, Charlie Merrill, says a prayer and thanks the gods for letting him to play and have fun. Also, he kisses his helmet right before football games. Athlete, Emme Demilt, cannot say anything bad about the other team.

Lastly, James Sprott always has to eat a steak before a game. Many athletes have superstitions that will stick with them for a lifetime to come.

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