Michael Buble: Hot or Not?

By Ali Sediqe

On this months edition of “Hot or Not”, we will determine whether Michael Buble’s Christmas album is Hot, or Not. Quick disclaimer, it is not the holiday itself but the album by Michael Buble. This album features covers of many classic Christmas songs, but this time with the smooth singing Michael Buble at the helm. Some of these classics include Jingle Bells, White Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and many more (19 songs in total). While I believe his voice his great, I felt like he also could have done something more original, as most everything he does is a cover. He makes up for this with his beautiful voice, and star-studded talent singing with him, like Shania Twain, The Puppini Sisters, and Thalia. I personally am a big believer of voice over song, so I put Michael Buble in the same section as Queen, corgis, the sun, and a California summer, as HOT.Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 3.02.38 PM.png

Categories: Culture

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