The Legend of Krampus

by Riley “Thursday” Cummins

Krampus has been around for centuries now, ever since 1896, showing up through media and many different novels. His popularity has grown higher and higher. There is even a movie out about him if you wanna check it out, ‘Krampus’ (2015). If you do not know who or what Krampus is, let me explain it to you. Krampus, also known as the shadow of Saint Nicholas, does not give…he takes. Instead of spreading laughter and cheer, he spreads sadness and darkness.

It has been said that if all Christmas spirit is lost, instead of Saint Nicholas, Krampus will come. Many different things have been said and every culture has their own version of what Krampus does, but the same themes are present: sadness, darkness, and fear. He not only takes presents but everything you have. He is not a being of happiness and comes straight from the depths of all that is evil with intentions to drag you down with him, along with your family.

So with all that being said, do not forget to spread holiday cheer, because if all faith and hope are lost for Christmas, the same could be lost for you. If you don’t believe in Christmas, it’s fine. Just don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas, or the winter holiday season, or Krampus could be coming for you and everything you have next!


Categories: Culture

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