College Football: Paid to Play?

By Owen Krupp

After a few years of watching football, NFL and college football, I thought of a big question that definitely would spark a debate: should college football players get paid? I believe the answer to that question should be no and here is why. First of all, the players are in college and they are students. Students need to focus on their school work, which will help them gain employment in their post-college life. If they need the money, most students do, they can take out student loans. They should wait until they get out college to get a job. Their focus should be their education, not a paycheck.

Now let’s talk about why they should get paid: college athletes would make enough money so that students loans would not be necessary. Student loans often follow a person many years into their life so this could be a great economical relief on the student and their families.

Even though students could have the possibility of graduating debt free,  players should still not get paid for college athletics. Colleges that are currently paying their athletes may seem like they are being generous but they are actually exploiting their players. When universities or colleges make jerseys or any other merchandise of players, they can make a huge profit off these items. The players aren’t given anything off it. If colleges are going to pay their athletes at all, it should be a more fair deal. Having students ignore their studies to use them for their own capital gain is wrong.

All in all, players in college should not get paid only because they are in school learning and on the side playing football. Players need to focus on education. They can wait until they graduate to get a full-time job or possibly get paid in the NFL. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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