Keeping Fit in the Cold

By Emme DeMilt

As you probably know it is not easy staying shape in the winter. There is no warm outside time to go out for a run. You can still stay in shape though if you learn some techniques to stay fit and healthy in the winter.

Let’s start with the obvious – join a local gym. Gyms are a great way to stay fit because they tend to have classes and machines made for working out, like a treadmill. Have you ever been to a gym without a treadmill? I haven’t either. There are also usually classes lead by professionals, such as boxing, boot camp, etc. This does cost a little money so if you prefer to save keep reading for some more ideas.

Working out in your own home is always an option for you to do. You can look up workout plans or even just make your own up. I am a gymnast so I can give you a couple of conditioning lists. A good one is a 10-1 list.

Another good thing do is join a winter sport. Basketball is one of the most popular sports. There are meetings for them soon. Make sure to listen for them. There are also indoor swim teams. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape. One more sport is gymnastics or tumbling. This sport is not school sponsored, but there is one not too far away in Sylvania called Sunrise. They also have Tae Won Doe.

Another tip is to eat healthily. Just because swimsuit season is over, you still have to stay healthy if you want to stay fit. It will also be easier to work out if you are in shape from eating well. If you pick any of these make sure to email anyone on BearPause your results. Stay in Shape OH.

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