AirPods: Hot or Not?

by Ali Sediqe

We all know the newest craze. Everybody wants them and there are thousands of rip-offs on the market. AirPods. The thing that people who don’t have them like to complain about and make jokes, and the people who do have them spent $180 on not bad earbuds without wires and clearly love to flex on all of us broke people. Now it’s time to determine if they’re hot or not. Let’s go through the facts. Surprisingly, AirPods sound quality is actually pretty good, though compared to some of the other products out there, it isn’t the best. Furthermore, AirPods have an overreliance on Siri to change volume, skip tracks, play different songs, etc. So you can either pull out your phone to change tracks or you can look like your talking to yourself in public, saying, hey Siri, play “Hotel California” by the Eagles. We also have to look at the design. AirPods leave the trend of Apple’s technology always looking fashionable. They have a larger than normal piece sticking out of the bottom of the earbud unlike the wired ones, which are very slim and sleek. AirPods also believe in one-size-fits-all. While it does fit well for some people, others complain about how it never feels like it truly fits. They always feel like it’s eventually gonna fall off or something like that. And now, for the moment we have all been waiting for. The section that I’m going to talk about why most people don’t buy AirPods before reading the Tech Insider review. THE PRICE. Seriously guys, $160. Or wait, I got it wrong sorry, $159. AirPods cost only $53 to make. That means they make a $109 profit on all AirPods. And you know who that goes to. Apple CEO Tim Cook’s fat paycheck. $159 for wireless earbuds, really? You can buy just as good wireless headphone on Amazon for less. Taking all of this into consideration, I think you can figure out what I’m going to pronounce AirPods as. Say it with, I certify AirPods as NOT.

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