Hot or Not: TikTok

by Ali Seqide

A new trend is rocking the world. It is the reincarnation of Musically: TikTok. TikTok has rocked the world as a trend allowing for people to become famous by lip syncing songs or doing trends or something like that. So what is TikTok? It’s Musically but updated and without the child predators. TikTok has allowed for people to become known all over the world and songs that are relatively unknown to hit the mainstream. It has allowed for millions of people who lip sync in their hairbrushes in mirrors to do it in front of a camera and become famous. TikTok has unleashed a new generation of maniacs who are ready to do whatever it takes to become famous. Because of the power of TikTok and its ability to create something out of nobody, I certify TikTok as HOT.

Categories: Feature

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