King of the Hill Review

by Nash Malczewski

If you watched Cartoon Network when you were younger, you’ve probably dreaded the time 8:30. That’s because Adult Swim comes on at that time. I never paid any attention to these shows, and immediately turned off my TV, but recently, I started and finished watching King of The Hill, which is one of those shows. With having 13 seasons, King of The Hill seems like a behemoth of a show to watch, and it is.

King of The Hill follows the Hill family, their friends, and their neighbors. The show’s main character is Hank Hill, the father of the family, who works at Strickland Propane as the assistant manager. The show is about his semi-interesting life, and the crazy things that go on in his home town, Arlen, Texas.

King of The Hill has pretty good animation quality, or at least it sticks with what it started with and slowly improves the colors and overall quality. It has humor that holds up with today’s standards.

It seems shocking that King of The Hill was written more than 20 years ago because the only thing that seems outdated is the color choice, and even that changes quickly. Overall, I’d give King of The Hill a 9/10, with one of the main reasons being that it didn’t have a “real” ending, with real meaning that it contributes to the story.

Categories: Culture

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