Thoughts on OH Breathe

by Emme DeMilt

I think we can all agree that life is stressful. Nothing is better than a break from school such as yoga or just a weekend off after a hard test or a lot of homework. This is why we have OH Breathe at Ottawa Hills Jr./Senior highschool. As you know by now, OH breathe is the fun, relaxing break we take from class once a month. Overall, students believe that it is a wonderful and relaxing time to choose to do (unless you don’t do Ms. Underwood’s Survey in which you get assigned*wink) yoga, paint pumpkins or have leisure reading. Highschoolers also listen to a speaker before each workshop, or what they choose to do. Other times like our 1st OH breath we play games as a class such as 4- square volleyball. This is also an opportunity to finish your homework at an hour-long study hall to have a relaxing weekend rather than a school relax time. Many people have different opinions on OH Breathe, however. Some people don’t like it as much as other students do. So, we decided to ask some students what they thought about OH Breathe and here are some things Ottawa Hill highschool and junior high students said:

“I love it”

“It’s a great way to get your mind off of the curriculum and to just do something you enjoy.”

“I, for the most part, enjoy Oh Breathe but we have some work to do with the speakers”

“ I like working with my friends in the workshops”

“ I like the stress free and how we get a break from the stress of school”

“ I like how we get to miss class :)”

“I think it’s sad and depressing haha”

“ I think the workshops are so much fun and relaxing”

“It’s okay. I would rather just have study hall”

“I think its a cool concept. I think its really good for experience and fun”

As you can see we have many people who like the workshops. But also many people would rather just have a study hall. They don’t all think it is necessary. Many of them think it is fantastic and should stay the same. Others think that the workshops are fantastic, but we need better speakers. Some think we need to change a lot of things. Most people though love the idea of having time to relax each month to relieve some stress.

The reason OH Breathe started was that a few years ago, a few students thought it would be a good idea to relax and reload every month because school was very stressful. Also adding on to school the stresses of everyday life. That is a lot of stress and although some stress can be key to survival too much can be detrimental. It can be bad for your immune system, your heart, your sleep, and your mental health. This is just all more the reason to take a break from the horrific stress and take a breath of fresh air. Relieving this unwanted stress helps you be more productive and positive. You then have a better attitude when stress comes your way another time making self- esteem and confidence higher. So make sure to enjoy your OH breathes to let out bottled up stress.

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