What Happens At A Football Game?

by Bella Fontana

What happens at a football game? I went to the 2019 homecoming game to see for myself what exactly happens at a football game.

I arrived at the football game a half-hour early at that time there were a few people, shortly after that more and more people started to arrive. Soon there was a long line. At that time I went to the student section with my friends and, as always, went to the back of the student section.

In the back of the student sections, I noticed a few things that I notice at other games. There are different groups in the student section. I would say from my view there were at least four different groups. There were a mix of 7th and 8th graders in a circle near the high schoolers, then there were the 7th-grade boys that sat and pretty much just watched the game and every now and then one would move. To the left of the student section, there were the parents and students in the elementary building. Under the stands, there are pretty much all the younger students they were running around. Then there was the concession stand where there was always a long line. Outside of the stadium people hang out on the grass and talk there is typically a group of boys that play basketball then there are ether elementary or high schoolers that sit on the dummies that are on the baseball field. That is what at a football game.

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