Disney Easter Eggs

by Andrew Sturtz and Kathryn Allen

Recently Disney has come out with Disney+, it is a Disney watching platform. Summed up it is a Disney version of Netflix. Disney is connected through objects in movies such as the famous Pixar ball and more. The interconnectedness can help predict movies that haven’t been released yet. This connectedness is also known as easter eggs.

Disney easter eggs are in every movie, whether it is a more noticeable or a smaller and more hidden one. One of the biggest easter eggs is Rapunzel and Flinn’s appearance on Coronation day in the movie Frozen. Another example is when you can see Maleficent’s spinning wheel in Tangled. In Tarzan, Terk is seen playing with the Beauty and the Beast’s tea set comprised of Mrs. Potts and chip. These are just a few easter eggs out of many. In every Disney movie whether you notice it or not there are many easter eggs.

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