Using The Word Evolution In Schools

by Nash Malczewski

Evolution. It’s a controversial topic in schools today. But why is that? Well, in 1925, a teacher named John Scopes who lived in Tennesee tried to teach his students about evolution. However, people in the town soon caught wind of this, and he was sent to jail. Later, he had a trial that lasted for eight days. He was found guilty of breaking the Butler Act, which was Tennesee outright putting a ban on teaching evolution in schools. He was fined $100, which is about $1,300 in today’s money. This hasn’t changed since then, so teachers have had to change the name, and teach it as a “different” subject. For example, here at Ottawa Hills, we teach Change Over Time and say that it is just a theory in order to have it taught.

Personally, I don’t think that there’s any problem with using the word “Evolution” in a science unit. Sure, it may conflict with a religious belief, but that’s fine because no matter what, even if you don’t believe in evolution, it is still an important subject to learn about. Evolution will always be a key part of science and growth of creatures, so pretending like it doesn’t exist cannot help us succeed as a species. As Paul Genzman (8th Grade Science/Math Teacher) says, “Nothing in biology makes sense without evolution.”


Source(s): https://futurism.com/battle-teach-evolution-public-schools-far-from-over, Mr. Genzman

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