Courtyard Survey

by Bella Fontana

If you could make the courtyard into ANYTHING what would you change it into? What are your thoughts on the new possible revisions to the courtyard? Based on your second answer, what would you have in it and name it? Would you simply clean up the courtyard and leave it the way it is? These are the four questions I asked in the survey I created and sent to the junior high students.

Forty-three students responded to the survey and there were mixed emotions but in general, they were positive. Some responses were very interesting but there were also a lot of good ideas mixed in. A few answers really stood out.  A learning center (SIP or Starbucks type place)” was the number one answer. I do believe it is a good idea and would benefit many students in the building.   

A soccer field was another suggestion for the space. “It would just be a basic soccer field and it would be called Cruyff Arena,” explained a student. I do believe that another sports area would be interesting. I do believe that it would be good to have but not necessarily needed.

One last common theme among answers include, ‘’I think it’s a very good idea (changing the courtyard). However, we should consider air conditioning as our first priority.” I think that this would be amazing. I completely agree with this student. I think that to better the school air conditioning should be another thing that should be considered, especially if they have leftover money. Thank you to everyone that filled out the survey! Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 8.38.57 AM

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