Sonic the Hedgehog: A Modern Masterpiece

by Ryaan Bhuiyan

A Sonic fan at any given moment is probably disappointed. With almost no good games over the last decade, why wouldn’t they be? After the Sonic movie was first announced, people did not have very high hopes. Expectations were low, and morale was even lower.

At this point, there was at least a little hope for the movie. Maybe it could be good and surprise us all. And then the trailer dropped. The abomination which was the first sonic trailer was the scariest thing I have ever seen. All hope was lost for this movie. Sonic’s face haunts me to this day, and will probably be the last thing I see before I leave this earth. Who thought it would be a good idea to give this thing human teeth?! He looked like the kid in Jumanji when he turns into a monkey. Even popsicle sonic looks better, to be perfectly honest.

Anyways, the internet bullied the entire studio so much, that they just scrapped the original animation and pushed the movie back 4 months. If they didn’t, I would cry myself to sleep every single night. But they did, and that new redesign was finally released on Valentine’s Day this year. I watched it the day it came out with the boys, and we would all give it a solid 11/10 because it is that great.

The movie takes place in Green Hills, Montana(it’s not a real place, I checked. Disappointed, but not surprised), and follows Sonic, who lives all alone and no-one knows about him. One day, he’s playing a game of baseball against himself (kind of pathetic, no offense) and becomes upset over how lonely he is. He accidentally triggers an electromagnetic pulse with his supersonic speed(as you do), the power goes out over the Pacific Northwest. The U.S. Government sends genius Dr. Robotnik(portrayed by Jim Carrey) to find out what happened, and Police Officer Tom Wachowski(James Marsden) shoots Sonic(voice of Ben Schwartz) with a tranquilizer gun. Then they have to escape from Robotnik and get to San Francisco, and that’s basically the plot.

The reception of this movie has been mixed, but don’t let that fool you. Critics attack the movie, but the fans absolutely love the movie. The accumulative critic review score on Metacritic is a 47/100, but the fan’s score is 8.6/10. The new redesign is beautiful, but what really impresses me is that they actually changed it for the fans. I love that the movie flows well and is completely fun. It’s clear that a majority of the things in the film were added just to make fans happy. It even has a bar fight scene, which is kinda strange, but I’m okay with it. There are some parts that seem a little bit cliched, and Sonic does floss twice (the dance, not his teeth), but it’s still a good movie.

Jim Carrey shines in his role as Dr. Robotnik, and it lets him finally tap into the hectic energy that kickstarted his acting career. It’s an absolute joy every time he’s on-screen, and he even does a dance at one point. His role in this movie reminds me of his prior roles and it’s wonderful.

I recommend this movie for people who just like kid-like fun and those who enjoyed the games. Even for those who don’t enjoy kids’ movies, there are things that make this movie enjoyable too.

All in all, Sonic The Hedgehog is probably one of the greatest movies of the year so far, dare I say this decade. It’s so nostalgic and it’s a great nod to what Sonic used to be, pure fun energy. I think that you should watch it today if you can. Get out and see it soon.


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